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We implemented the IRS Account Tracking, Detection, and Mitigation Program in response to a huge demand in the real estate industry that we've served for many years. As an effective solution, we've created an exclusive space where members can proactively deal with potential IRS tax issues before they snowball into unmanageable threats to their financial security. Although we cater to this market, we believe that membership is beneficial to other small business owners and we accept 20% of annual enrollments from outside industries.

Once notified by your case manager of a pending IRS notice, you will have the option to sign Form 2848 to authorize us to represent you before the IRS and to get access to your case files. Members get one free amended return per year plus a 30% credit toward mitigation services that we offer. A list of these services and their prices is included in each new member's Welcome Package. Mitigation services are optional.

It's simple. After you sign and date IRS Form 8821, we send it to the IRS for processing. It gives us power of attorney to download your transcripts into our software for tracking. Our tax pros are trained to detect tax codes used by the IRS to flag accounts. Our software alerts your assigned case manager when certain codes appear in your transcript report. Your case manager will contact you and recommend proactive steps that you can take to avert potential penalties and other adverse actions before the IRS takes further steps under the tax code against you.

Absolutely! If you are a small business owner or real estate investor, then your business can be at even greater risk of incurring penalties for failure to make payroll deposits, underreporting income, forgetting to file a business return and accuracy-related penalties. Business returns are eligible for the annual free amendment and 30% credit towards mitigation pricing should an issue arise. Form 2848 must also be signed for the business in order for your case manager to speak with the IRS on its behalf.

Within 24 hours after you enroll, you are assigned to a case manager and an IRS-enrolled agent (EA). An 8821 is prepared based on the information that you provide for the member (business or personal). A private, secure portal will be opened called Verifyle, where you can upload and receive sensitive material. Your 8821 or 2848 will be uploaded to your Verifyle portal, and the system will notify you to retrieve it. A new member's Welcome Package is sent immediately after successful enrollment. A price sheet for mitigation services is included in the package.

This service does not guarantee to detect audits in advance, but our software has proven historically to detect audits over 95% of the time. Occasionally, the IRS flags a tax payer’s account for an exam or audit, but that does not happen. As a proactive service offering, we believe it is better to be safe than to overlook an opportunity to save members from financial harm.

We understand that tax compliance begins with keeping good books and records. Many problems with the IRS are the result of poor substantiation for deductions taken. We recommend that every business-related mitigation strategy begin with confidence that your books and records are set up properly, that problems in existing systems are diagnosed properly and can be cleaned up if necessary. Only the best for V.I.P.s Engage with QBO certified Pro-Advisors with the expertise to get your books and records on track. Members enjoy 30% off regular prices and are under no obligation to engage us to perform these services. Visit stellarbooksandrecords.com. 

Yes. Our mission is to value customer service over unbridled growth. Membership is limited to seventy (75) new enrollees per year. Open enrollment begins on May 1 and ends when the 75th enrollee is accepted. After that, we maintain a VIP waiting list from which to select new members as slots open up throughout the year. By limiting the program to a few VIP members, we ensure that providing white-glove customer service is what continues to set us apart from larger firms.

Never. Our relationship with members is strictly at will. We employ state-of-the-art detection and mitigation tools and provide members with best-in-class customer service. Members elect to remain in the program but are never required to. We currently maintain a VIP waiting list after our annual goal of 75 new members per year is reached.


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